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Staffing Overview

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Billy Edward Consulting, Inc. is a privately held, minority & veteran-owned company that takes a unique approach to problem solving. We incorporate technology and innovation to leverage the best possible outcomes in all that we do. Staffing is no exception.


One innovation we leverage is veteran employment. At Billy Edward Consulting, we feel one of the most underutilized workforce solutions in our society is the U.S. veteran. Highly trained and disciplined, reskilling of our veteran population represents the shortest distance between many of our clients’ needs and a highly vetted, extremely viable employment solution. Transferable veteran skillsets encompass the range of civilian employment. From industrial maintenance, food services, heavy equipment operators, construction professionals and security forces, the US military releases thousands of highly credentialed personnel annually. Billy Edward Consulting understands the Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) our forces identify with, where to find them, and how to transition them in support of your workforce requirements.


With diverse business models focused in technology, Billy Edward Consulting expanded our offerings to include a wide array of staffing concepts to meet the rigorous demands of our clients commercial, industrial and public sector projects. Our offerings in staffing services include:

  • Employment Placement Agency – Identifying talent to fill identified vacancies in our clients’ firms as a permanent placement/direct hire recruiting agency.
  • Temporary Help Services - Assigning skilled professionals to meet the temporary staff augmentation need of frequently changing project workloads or seasonal skillsets. 
  • Temp-to-Hire Services - Recruiting and assigning professional candidates on a temporary basis to be converted to full time employee status after a period of time. 
  • Project Work - Assigning a hand-picked team of professionals to achieve a particular workflow goal for our client. 
  • Contract Personnel – Scaling high caliber talent in our client’s workplace to fill specific roles for a finite period or duration of a contract. 
  • Outsourced HR Solutions & Payroll - Implementation of an outsourced payroll model for our clients in addition to the benefit of Billy Edward workforce solutions. Solutions not only include options for employee payment, but also options for medical and retirement benefits.

* On-site Team Management and Payroll Services available

Industries Served

  • Skilled Trades
  • Oil & Gas/ Petrochemical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Maritime
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Office and Administrative
  • Professional & Technical Services

Why Billy Edward Consulting?

Complete & Comprehensive Solutions: We provide a tailored staffing solution to a wide range of clients, offering a complete recruitment and personnel management solution to answer any staffing requirement. For those businesses requiring automation, IT infrastructure or software solutions, BEC provides IT solutions to fill critical technology gaps.

Communication: Billy Edward engages our clients for a full understanding of their existing resources to identify and bridge the gaps in fiduciary requirements such as insurance, payroll, tax & withholdings, accounting, and customized reports.  We offer a variety of state-of-the-art automated applications, including electronic time & attendance applications, applicant tracking systems, and customer connectivity and feedback systems.

 Performance: We perform—Period—and not only in the initial stages of the project. Our quality assurance/ quality control monitoring ensures our clients become lifelong customers and viable references for our cause—providing the highest level of staffing available.

Long-term Relationship Building: We pride ourselves in establishing relationships with vendors. Our clients’ concerns are our concerns and their needs our reason for existing. We solve staffing needs and technology needs, allowing our clients to focus on their core businesses.

What Makes Billy Edward Consulting Different?

  • Customization– We ensure that the unique needs of each client are being met by designing our recruiting and operations protocol around those needs as opposed to using a standardized recruiting approach.
  • Industry Professionals– BEC hires specific industry professionals, not staffing industry professional, to manage operations in our different markets.  This provides industry expertise for each of our clients in addition to staffing expertise provided in our complimenting staff members.
  • Low Client to Recruiter Ratio– BEC limits the number of clients serviced by each recruiting staff member to ensure we focus on the individual needs of each customer, ensuring each client remains a top priority.
  • Safety– BEC places the safety of our employees as a top priority.  We offer new hire safety orientation, video training, software training, term safety meetings, on-site inspections, as well as other customized safety solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Membership /Affiliations  

  • Houston Veterans Chamber of Commerce
  • Houston Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council
  • American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)- Houston Chapter

Graduate of

  • Veterans in Residence (VIR) Cohort-19B


Our philosophy is to stay on the leading edge of the industry trends, best practices and management methods that exist today relative to the staffing industry.  We are committed to identifying and utilizing the training tools of the leading authorities in all areas of competency of our practice.  

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Stephen A. Marsh

Billy Edward Consulting, Inc.

PH: (281) 906-5995

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