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Billy Edward Consulting (BEC), Inc. is a member of BillyEdwardGroup.com, a diverse platform for grouping synergistic businesses that collaborate to advance the interests of the organization as a whole—a team where each member’s success is furthered by the knowledge, skills, and reputation of its partners and each member’s accomplishments advance the reputation of the coalition.


BEC aggregates IT technologies and solutions, performs IT & business staff augmentation and staffs skilled and non-skilled commercial, industry and governmental employees to help our clients maintain their competitive edge.


After retiring from the military, veterans often have issue adapting to the excess time available as well as the transition to civilian life in general. I created Billy Edward Consulting, Inc. in the namesake of my father, Billy Edward Marsh, to have a daily function in life. Billy Edward was a Korean War Veteran, husband, father, grandfather and friend, whose patriotism and ideals of integrity, honor and an extreme work-ethic provide the basis of the way we interact with our clients. The company has evolved to provide help to veterans and underserved communities in the form of locating good-paying jobs for these populations and a work center that provides the camaraderie of the military environment many of us miss so much. It is my hope that Billy Edward Consulting will impact each client in a meaningful way it does our workforce.

Value Proposition

BEC is one stop shopping for a host of tailored business technologies and IT solutions. In addition, Billy Edward provides IT and business staff augmentation, and complete staffing and HR solutions in:

  • Temp Help
  • Customized Recruiting & Staffing
  • Executive Search Services for Contract Professionals & Consultants, all in one place.


  • Globally certified OCM consultants in change and project management & average 7+ years of experience in Fortune 500 projects
  • IT Consultants with 20+ years current experience in ERP, SaaS and digital IT projects
  • Diversity friendly organization comprised of diverse partners: Woman-owned Small Businesses (WOSBs), Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBs), Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs).
  • Highly responsive small business sales staff coupled with extremely efficient & effective project management teams
  • Wide array of diverse IT capabilities, products and specialized services under a single diverse IT Solutions Provider
  • Veteran Staffing Solutions: Access to veteran workforce with military work ethic and military values
  • Offshore operations capabilities.


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